SUP Presents: Play On Your Porch Day

It’s time for another Worldwide Play On Your Porch Day! Since 2018, people have been encouraged to come out of their houses on the 3rd Saturday of August and fill the streets with music.

This is will our second Play On Your Porch Day and we are so excited! Please feel free to invite anyone who is interested in playing or listening from a distance. Again, we’ll be both online and in-person so make sure you RSVP with me for details of how to join.

The music package will be out next week. Please send any PDFs to me by Monday night so I can get the package out on Tuesday morning.

For more info, email us at: [email protected]

Music package is now available!

SUP Rainy Day Favorites Jam

Our next jam will be on Sunday, August 15th at 7 pm Saskatoon time. This jam will be online only.

We decided at the last jam to have a rain theme but I’m extending it to include all your favorite songs to play/listen to when it’s raining. (Considering how hot Sunday is supposed to be, any song that might possibly call the rain will be more than welcome!) As usual, please send me the PDFs of any songs you’d like to lead. The deadline is Friday evening and the package will be available on our website on Saturday morning.

Music package is now ready for download!

SUP Long Weekend Jam

Our next jam will be on Sunday, August 1st at 7 pm. Again, we’ll be doing an in-person and online jam. Please let me know if you would like to join in person so I can add you to my list. 

The theme for this jam is, of course, the long weekend! Any songs that make you think of a long weekend in the middle of summer is fair game. Drinks, camping, crazy weather – if it gives you the long weekend feels, send it in! Please make sure to send me your PDF’s by the end of the day Friday the 30th so I can prepare a package.

Topic: SUP Long Weekend Jam
Time: Aug 1, 2021 09:00 PM Saskatchewan

Jam Package Available NOW!

SUP Sunday, July 18th Jam

Our next jam will be on Sunday, July 18th at 7 pm. No theme this time but I would like to finish some of the songs that we didn’t get to last time. If you’re interested in leading a song, please send the pdf to me by the end of Friday so I can get the music pack out Saturday morning.

This jam will again be in person and online. I ask again that we keep in-person numbers to a maximum of 10 so please let me know if you’re coming. Also, please bring a mask in case you have to enter the house for the washroom or to fill up a water bottle.

Music package now available for download:

Canadian Fourth Of July Takeover

Our next jam will be on Sunday, July 4th at 7 pm Saskatoon time.

Please make a special note of the time change for this jam. Hopefully, it will be cool enough to be outside that day. Yes, this jam is BOTH in person and online. If you’d like to attend in person, please contact me for the address. I’ll be allowing 10 people to join me in person. I do expect you to be vaccinated. Please also bring a mask just in case you need to come into the house for the bathroom and yes, you can come in to fill up water bottles.

The deadline for song submissions is the end of Thursday, July 1st. Please don’t send anything later than the 1st since I need to make sure to have the setlist ready for people to print. If you are coming in person and don’t have a printer, let me know so I can get a package ready for you. All Canadian songs welcome! 

If you’d like to attend online or in person, email us for details at [email protected]

Music package now available:

July 1st Jam Cancelled

For those not in our Facebook group, I made an announcement last night that we would be cancelling our jam on July 1st. I was already trying to focus it more as a celebration of Canadian music but in light of the recent announcement by the Cowessess First Nation, no celebration seems appropriate on July 1st. 

I will send an email in the next few days with details for a jam on Sunday, July 4th. Please make sure you are on our mailing list by filling out the form on the right side of the page.

The Saskatoon Ukulele Players is based in Treaty 6 Territory and the traditional homeland of the Metis.

SUP Movable Chords Uketorial Part II

Sunday, June 6th at 3 pm Saskatoon time will be part 2 of our Moveable Chords Uketorial. We will be going over the songs we did in our May uketorial as well as a couple of others. We will have a package for download here on Saturday. If you would like to review part 1, head over to our YouTube channel Saskatoon Ukulele Players.

For details and login information, email us at [email protected]

Topic: SUP Movable Chords Uketorial Part II
Time: Jun 6, 2021 03:00 PM Saskatchewan
(2 pm PDT, 3 pm MDT, 4 pm CDT, 5 pm EDT)

Uketorial Package Is Now Ready For Download:

This will be the last event for June. As the weather has warmed up, our jams have been getting smaller and smaller and even I find myself getting a bit too busy. So, the plan to is break for the next few weeks, then come back for a Canada Day jam! Details to be announced later this month.

Tuesday, June 1st Jam

Our next jam will be on Tuesday, June 1st at 7pm Saskatoon time. There’s no theme for this one. Just send in your PDFs by Sunday night!

For information and login details, please email us at: [email protected]

SUP Camping Jam

Our next jam will be on Sunday, May 23rd at 3pm Saskatoon time. For those who don’t know, this is a long weekend in Canada and it also signals the beginning of camping season in Saskatchewan so for those of us who are staying home this weekend, let’s do a camping jam! Send me any songs you have that have to do with camping, that you like to sing around the campfire or anything about the outdoors in general. The deadline is Saturday night!

Contact us at: [email protected]

SUP Favorites Jam

Our next jam will be on Tuesday, May 11 at 7pm. No theme this time. Just send me your favorite songs and I know we’ll have a blast! The deadline is Sunday evening.

Topic: SUP Favorites Jam
Time: May 11, 2021 07:00 PM Saskatchewan
(6pm PDT, 7pm MDT, 8pm CDT, 9pm EDT)

For more information and login details, email us at [email protected]