About Us


The Saskatoon Ukulele Players started in early 2016 as a Meetup group called Saskatoon Ukulele Friends with just a few people meeting at a local coffee shop.

We’re a friendly group of people who love playing the ukulele, singing, and having fun. Our music ranges from beginner to advanced and we’re always adding new music. In addition to regular jam sessions, we also have special events like potlucks, picnics, and more.

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/saskatoonukuleleclub

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UC9w5LIN_ILc3p7WhvYFGUUA

If you have any questions, please contact us at: [email protected]


The Saskatoon Ukulele Players is committed to advancing the ukulele in Saskatoon by providing opportunities to play the ukulele, to learn more about the ukulele and music, and to network with other ukulele players.


The Saskatoon Ukulele Players is looking to expand it’s opportunities for people learning and playing the ukulele including more events, workshops, and adding public performances for those who are ready for the challenge.


1) ALL players are welcome regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. We also welcome people of different musical levels as well as those with varying levels of physical abilities. As a result, ANY kind of discrimination or harassment – physical, mental, or emotional – will NOT be tolerated.

2) Many of the songs we play are online with music added every week. Printed copies are available at each session as well. Practice is not absolutely required but it does help the jam sessions move more smoothly.

3) A suggested donation of $2 helps us cover costs such as the price of using Meetup, the website, and printing of music. It’s not required but greatly appreciated as it helps keep the club running.

4) Please consider buying food and/or drinks from our host location – currently, Amigo’s Cantina – as a way of saying thank you for letting us use their place.

5) Musicians playing other instruments such as percussion or guitar are welcome but are asked to email the coordinator at [email protected] about attendance before jam sessions or events as our primary focus is on the ukulele and we would like to keep numbers in favour of ukuleles.

6) Photos and video are sometimes taken at public jams and events are sometimes posted online for advertising as well as for sharing with other members.

7) The Meetup message board and Facebook group forum are available to everyone for questions, ideas, networking, etc.

8) Private events arranged through networking with other players at jam sessions or via our online presence is encouraged but are the FULL responsibility of the event host. Saskatoon Ukulele Players is not liable, legally or financially, for anything occurring at or as a result of any private event that was not sanctioned by the Saskatoon Ukulele Players.

9) HAVE FUN! Jam sessions are informal opportunities to play and learn more about music and the ukulele. So, bring your ukulele, grab a drink, and sit down with us for some fun!