SUP Movable Chords Uketorial Part II

Sunday, June 6th at 3 pm Saskatoon time will be part 2 of our Moveable Chords Uketorial. We will be going over the songs we did in our May uketorial as well as a couple of others. We will have a package for download here on Saturday. If you would like to review part 1, head over to our YouTube channel Saskatoon Ukulele Players.

For details and login information, email us at [email protected]

Topic: SUP Movable Chords Uketorial Part II
Time: Jun 6, 2021 03:00 PM Saskatchewan
(2 pm PDT, 3 pm MDT, 4 pm CDT, 5 pm EDT)

Uketorial Package Is Now Ready For Download:

This will be the last event for June. As the weather has warmed up, our jams have been getting smaller and smaller and even I find myself getting a bit too busy. So, the plan to is break for the next few weeks, then come back for a Canada Day jam! Details to be announced later this month.