Canadian Fourth Of July Takeover

Our next jam will be on Sunday, July 4th at 7 pm Saskatoon time.

Please make a special note of the time change for this jam. Hopefully, it will be cool enough to be outside that day. Yes, this jam is BOTH in person and online. If you’d like to attend in person, please contact me for the address. I’ll be allowing 10 people to join me in person. I do expect you to be vaccinated. Please also bring a mask just in case you need to come into the house for the bathroom and yes, you can come in to fill up water bottles.

The deadline for song submissions is the end of Thursday, July 1st. Please don’t send anything later than the 1st since I need to make sure to have the setlist ready for people to print. If you are coming in person and don’t have a printer, let me know so I can get a package ready for you. All Canadian songs welcome! 

If you’d like to attend online or in person, email us for details at [email protected]

Music package now available: