January 24th Online Jam

Hello uke friends!

Our next jam will be on Sunday, January 24th at 4pm CST. Yes, this jam will be 1 hour LATER than usual. This is to accomidate anyone taking Diane Nalini’s workshop. As usual, everyone is welcome so fell free to pass this invitation to other ukes.

Topic: SUP January 24th Jam

Time: Jan 24, 2021 04:00 PM Saskatchewan

2pm PST

3pm MST

4pm CST

5pm EST

6pm AST


  • Hallelulele
  • Down On The Corner (Keep Calm Songbook)
  • Drunken Sailor
  • Prohibition Way (Keep Calm Songbook)
  • Home On The Range
  • The Gambler
  • Have You Ever Seen The Rain
  • Requests
  • Put A Little Love In Your Heart

January 17th Zoom Jam

Our next jam is on Sunday, January 17th at 3pm CST on Zoom. Feel free to pass this invite along to anyone interested in playing a little music – everyone welcome! There are a few spots open for requests/open mic so start planning!

– Hallelulele
– Proud Mary (Beginner Book)
– Last Saskatchewan Pirate
– Leaving On A Jet Plane
– Jolene (Keep Calm & Uke On Songbook)
– Requests
– Put A Little Love In Your Heart

Email coordinator@saskatoonukulele.com for information and login details

SUP January 10th Jam

Our next jam will be online on Sunday, January 10th at 3pm.

This coming Sunday, I would like to do a jam of love and peace with songs like Imagine, Blowin In The Wind, Three Little Birds, and Hallelujah just name a few. If you have any other song ideas or would like to lead a song, please let me know.

For login details or more information, email us at: coordinator@saskatoon.com

Welcome To 2021 Jam

Our Welcome To 2021 Jam will be on Sunday, January 3rd at 3pm on Zoom!

This jam will be a request/open mic session to get us warmed up for the start of the new year. If you have something you want to play, send me the PDF, or feel free to choose anything from our songbook!

For more information and login details, email coordinator@saskatoonukulele.com

SUP Christmas Party Jam

For obvious reasons, our annual Christmas party can’t happen as usual this year but it’s doesn’t mean that we can’t meet up online and celebrate together!

This Saturday, December 19th, we’ll start off on Jitzi at 7pm CST for a little chitchat then move to Zoom at 7:30pm CST for the jam. For more information and login details, email coordinator@saskatoonukulele.com

SUP Holiday Online Jam

Our next jam will be on Sunday, December 13th at 3pm CST. We’ll be playing through a variety of Christmas songs by request.

For Zoom login information or to request a song, email coordinator@saskatoonukulele.com

SUP Silent Night Tutorial

It’s the start of a new month which means, we’ll be sharpening up our skills with another tutorial which will be held on Sunday, December 6th at 3pm CST. This month, we’ll be focusing on the Christmas classic Silent Night. There are two versions for you to look at: one is the melody and accompaniment in tab form and the other has the chords and lyrics with a simple fingerpicking pattern you can use.



If you’d like to join in and you’re not on our email list, please email coordinator@saskatoonukulele.com for login information.

SUP Chilly Winter Jam

Our next jam will be on Sunday, November 29th at 3pm CST on Zoom.

Our jams are open to anyone who’s interested in a little music. If anyone is interested in leading a song, I have 4 spots open for you or for requests. For login details, email coordinator@saskatoonukulele.com

Songs for the jam:
1) Hallelulele
2) Frosty The Snowman
3) Salmon Claus (Yes, it’s a real song!)
4) The Hockey Song (Keep Calm Songbook)
5) Jingle Bells
6) Open Spot
7) Open Spot
8) Open Spot
9) Open Spot
10) Put A Little Love In Your Heart

November 22 Jam

For Zoom login details, email coordinator@saskatoonukulele.com

Topic: SUP Sunday Online Jam
Time: Nov 22, 2020 03:00 PM Saskatchewan

The song list for this jam will be:

– Hallelulele
– Drunken Sailor (Beginner Songbook)
– Wild Night (Keep Calm Songbook)
– Stuck In The Middle
– Imagine
– Blowin’ In The Wind
– Request
– Request
– Request
– Put A Little Love In Your Heart

All songs can be downloaded from our website: saskatoonukulele.com

November 15th Online Jam

Our next jam will be on Sunday, November 15th at 3 pm CST. If you’re interested in joining in, please send an email to coordinator@saskatoonukulele.com for login details.

The song list will be as follows. There are a few open spots so if you’re interested in leading a song, let me know! As always, the songs can be found on our website at saskatoonukulele.com/song-book

1)  Don’t Worry, Be Happy

2)  Jingle Bells (Christmas Book at bottom of Songbook page)

3)  Frosty The Snow Man (Christmas Book at bottom of Songbook page)

4)  The Marvelous Toy (Christmas Book at bottom of Songbook page)

5)  Open Spot

6)  Open Spot

7)  Open Spot

8)  Proud Mary (beginner book)

9)  Three Little Birds

10)  Put A little Love In Your Heart